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A space to get lost in

An exclusive events venue in Monaco

Refurbished, renewed and reenergized

Experience Monte Carlo with glamour

Born from a love of the stunning and meandering landscapes of Africa, Twiga exists at the crossroads of wild and sophisticated. Speaking to its cosmopolitan clientele through authentic cuisine, eclectic design and unrivaled multi-sensory experiences, it’s a haven rooted in good times.

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Glamour and luxury reimagined

Our exclusive nightclub

Step into a world of sophistication while you experience extraordinary night in Monte Carlo. With our lineup of world-class performers, from renowned DJs spinning the latest beats to mesmerizing live acts, we push the boundaries of artistry.

The club
An entirely immersive experience

The dinner shows

Indulge in the ultimate fusion of fine dining and while being captivated by our entertainment, at our extravagant dinner shows, where culinary excellence meets stunning performances. As the evening unfolds, you will be immersed in an enchanting atmosphere while you experience breathtaking live performances, ranging from mesmerizing acrobatics and dance routines to awe-inspiring musical showcases.

Dinner shows
An unforgettable experience

The Grand Prix weekend

As the engines roar and the world's finest drivers embark on a thrilling race through the iconic streets of Monte Carlo, our venue becomes an exclusive hub of excitement and luxury.

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