Refurbished, renewed and reenergized.

Doors now open!

When we shut our doors, we knew we wanted to bring you an entirely elevated experience. A space to get lost in and events that were entirely immersive. With an eager smile and open arms, were excited for you to meet the all-new Twiga.

Starting with the design, weve drawn on all the pillars that influence our identity. The call of the wild and breathtaking landscape represents the African influence while form and shape is the Japanese input. Finally, the Italian insight is seen in the cohesion and subtlety of patterns and textures throughout.

We knew that the menu was the most important part and would have to match the energy so while maintaining the same foundation, we also curated a new, exciting set of dishes that are sure to spoil the senses. 

Get ready for a Twiga beyond your wildest dreams.